Lights, camera, rappel!

Rappelling is not just an extreme sport. For actors and actresses who focus on action films, rappelling is a skill they are required to improve.

If you are wondering why they need to learn rappelling, then you have to keep reading.

There are scenes in every action film that demands the actor to either fly, jump high or fall from a high point. There are doubles or stunt performers who do the actual action, but there are times when the actors need to do their own stunt.



To be able to do this, safety equipment and rappel devices are attached to the actor’s body. These rappel devices consist of harness, slings and many more.

After making sure that the harness is set perfectly, it is connected to rappelling ropes or rappelling cables.

The ropes are responsible for lifting the person wearing the harness. It may be adjusted depending on the height required for the action. Because of this technique, the stunt will be safely executed.

A good take makes a good movie. Learning how to move while you are hanging takes a lot of practice, so if you want to be a Hollywood star, you better put rappelling in your skill set.

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Dying is NOT cheap.


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Dying is not an easy matter. It’s not a cheap situation either. But how much does it cost to die?

There are a lot of factors that affects the price of a burial or funeral.

It may be because there are no other funeral homes around the area. This affects the price in the way that bereaved customers have no other choice. Funeral service rates then go higher.

The family of the deceased also needs to take care of the casket, wake location, embalming, funeral procession, tombstone and many more.

Each of these costs differently. Cremation and a traditional funeral also differs in price. Other than that, the family of the deceased needs to prepare a cemetery plot or a place to bury their beloved.

In America, Washington is one of the cheapest cities when it comes to both cremation memorial and traditional funeral services.

So how much is it exactly? It will be $5,500 – $7,600 to have traditional funeral depending on the state. Around $1,500 – $5,000 for a direct cremation.

Expensive right? I recommend you start looking and investing on funeral plans.That will be a wise choice for the future.

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Need an Adrenaline rush? Try Canyoning.

Canyoneering is also known as Canyoning, is a sport that showcases different skill sets. This sport involves jumping off cliffs, swimming, rappelling and climbing.

This sport also combines rock climbing, rappelling, hiking, cliff jumping, swimming and bouldering in one.

For those who need to satisfy their adrenaline and danger meter, this is the sport for you.

As a canyoner, you will be able to explore nature while exhibiting your strength and rope skills. This sport includes a fair amount of jumps and numerous abseiling obstacles.

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There are many canyoneering spots locally available, but if you are willing to go the extra mile, you can always explore international canyoneering areas.

This kind of trekking often leads you to discover the beauty of nature. There are child-friendly trails that are fit for your family day.

Canyoners in Wadi Mujib, Jordan. Photo via Google 

There are also harder areas where you can exhibit your skill and challenge yourself. Hiring expert guides will make sure that you’ll fully experience and see the greatness of the trail you choose.

Condolences and words of sympathy

How do I ever get over this? Will I be able to go on?

Those are the usual questions we hear from grieving families. As a friend or family, we have to prepare ourselves to answer these questions.

Besides offering our condolences and attending the service, we have to be considerate and make a gesture to let the family know that you care for them.

In this generation, people show sympathy through text, call and sometimes through social media. But sending a card, some flowers or visiting is still the best form of showing concern to the bereaved family. Being a good listener and letting them talk about their pain is also helpful in some way.

The grieving family expects to be asked a lot of questions about the death especially if it is unexpected.

But be mindful about the way you ask questions and do not pressure them to give you answers if they are not yet ready to share what happened. Always remember that they are already hurting, do not give them a hard time explaining it to you.

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You think you know everything about Rigging? Think again.

Rigging is normally associated in ships, sailboats or water vessel. It is a nautical term that only a few understand.

But what we are not aware of is that rigging can be applicable to aircraft too.

For shipping vessels, rigging is the system of ropes, cables and chains. It supports the mast of the sailing vessel and adjusts the position of the sails and the spars which they are attached to.

For aircraft, rigging is associated to arrange, construct and adjust. As you assemble the plane, you are also rigging it at the same time.

Planes must be rigged properly to prevent accidents.

In most cases, they rig the flight’s control system which are attached to the major surfaces such as wings and vertical and horizontal stabilizers. By doing this, the rigged plane will be in its best configuration giving you the most efficient flight.

However, a slightly out-of-rig plane will still be able to fly hands off. The plane might drift slowly to one direction or the controls might be a bit stiff. These are a few indicators that the aircraft is not properly rigged.

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My best friend and angel, Mandy

image courtesy of Google

I met Amanda when I was 4.

Mandy and I were playmates. Who’s Mandy? That’s the nickname I gave Amanda. She calls me Cassie, short for Cassidy.

She lives next door so we see each other every day. We went to the same prep school and no one could separate us. Our mothers went to the same university and they were close. Our families attended gatherings and events together.

We were inseparable.

Then college happened.

We went to the same university but we took different courses. We got busy and we started hanging out with other people. Even so, that did not ruin our friendship. She was there when I needed her and I did the same. She was the sister I never had.

She battled cancer at the age of 20. It was hard to see her suffering every day. She became depressed and she started drifting away from everybody. Until she realized that time was running out. She made every second count.

Her last days were her happiest. She learned that her life was long enough to experience all the great things in life. She was grateful.

I am thankful to God that He gave you as my best friend. I guess He needs you in heaven now Mandy. See you again someday.

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The One That Got Away!


I went on a speed dating event with a friend recently. I wasn’t looking for a relationship, I was just curious. I’ve never been to speed dates or blind dates before, so when my friend told me about it, I was excited.

The event was jammed. A lot of people attend, all dressed to impress.

When the speed date started, I was a bit nervous and I started panicking. The guys I was paired with was obviously nervous as well. We started talking about random things and got comfortable after a couple of question.

He was a rigger.

I’ve never heard of that profession before. It sparked my curiosity even more so I asked him to elaborate.

It turns out that a rigger is a person who specializes in the lifting and moving of heavy or large objects, often with the assistance of a crane or any lifting device. He told me that the term rigger was formed from the days of sailing.

Riggers were people who worked with riggings which are ropes for raising the sails. Sailors put their rope skills to work in hoisting and hauling.

In those days, mechanical ropes and pulleys were the only way to move extremely heavy objects. In the modern age, riggers attached huge objects to cranes using cables, chains or straps.

Calculations are necessary to make sure the objects will be moved safely. He said it takes a lot of thinking and suspension techniques to get the objects around obstacles on a construction area.

That’s when the bell rang. Times up.

We had to move to the next person. We bid goodbye and moved from table to table. Then I realized, I never got the chance to ask for his name! I’ll just call him, Mr. Rigger.

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The things we say to a grieving person

We will all come to an end.

At least that’s what they say. People need time to grieve after the death of a family member.

In times like this, a lot of people say “I’m sorry for your loss.”, “My condolences.”, “Your family is in my prayers.” and many more. People try to say the right things to help the person who is grieving.

In return, the grievers will feel thankful for the care and concern.

It is indeed helpful to receive comfort in these hard times. But have you ever thought of a response to all of these words of sympathy? How do you respond to these phrases? Do you need to say “Thank you” or just smile and stay silent?

No one is expecting for you to say anything but as someone who received kind words from another person, we feel obliged to answer back. Saying “Thank you” is always appropriate. But if you feel like thank you is not enough, you can always be specific.

You can thank them for a lot of things. You can say thank you for their concern, for coming to the wake, for their kind words or for simply being there with you.

The most important thing in a time like this is not what they say or how you respond.

Showing that you appreciate their presence and time is enough for them. Any response you make will be acceptable.

These words of sympathy doesn’t necessarily mean “Let me help you move on.” or “Let me help you get over this moment.”. They are simply trying to tell you that you are not alone even if someone you love is no longer here.

These words of sympathy were created to show the grievers that one has left but a lot of good things remain.

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When Parents Aren’t Fit to Parent A Child

Parents are automatically the child’s legal guardian.

But there are circumstances that the parents are not capable of parenting their child.

In these cases, a relative or a concerned person may petition for guardianship.

The court may decide who should have custody of the child or manage the child’s property. Appointing the guardian is up to the court.

Guardianship and adoption are completely different though.

In adoption, the parent’s rights are permanently ended while in a guardianship, parents can ask for reasonable contact with their child.

Guardianship may be ended by the court if the child’s parents become able to support and take care of the child.

A guardian has the same responsibilities as a parent. They are responsible for the child’s needs like food, clothing, shelter, education, medical care and safety.

Guardianship is needed in situations such as when a parent is going to jail, when one or both parents are abusive, when parents have alcohol or drug problem and many more scenarios.

Basically, when the safety, stability and environment of the child is at risk, you may petition for the guardianship of the person.


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Disclaimer: The information presented in our content is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice. Please consult with an attorney for professional legal counsel regarding your specific case.

Beauty and the Dead

Beauty is a major factor in our daily lives.

We use different products to keep our skin from aging too fast. We eat healthy foods to maintain a good physical body.

We use tons of make-up to enhance one’s beauty. If you think this only applies to the living, think twice. The same thing goes for the dead.


Before a funeral, a deceased body is embalmed and prepared to make the corpse look a little less lifeless.

The aim is to make the deceased look presentable for the viewing during an open-casket funeral.

Makeup is not really a part of the embalming process but funeral homes will offer the service to the families of the deceased.

Karen Stewart used to be a professional make-up artist before she became a mortuary makeup artist.

Her family owns a small funeral business and there was a time when their resident mortician wasn’t available.

She filled in for a couple of days and ended up taking an offer from her father to work full time.

Embalmers usually take care of preparing the bodies for the open-casket funeral. But there are some embalmers who doesn’t know a thing about make-up.

These are mostly men who have been in the industry for a long time. They hire a make-up artist to do this.

For Karen’s case, it wasn’t a big deal since her family owns the funeral homes. The remaining family usually provides a picture of the deceased when they were still alive.

The mortuary make-up artist then attempts to make the corpse look as alive as they were before.

But their goal is not to have those eyebrows on fleek or get that jaw line contoured, they aim to make the dead look presentable for the people in the viewing.

For some people, this is very important. Specially if they know that the deceased used to keep his/her public image spotless.

If you think it’s as easy as applying colored powder to someone alive and well, you are absolutely wrong.

The skin’s color and texture of a dead body changes after the embalming process.

This factor makes it hard for morticians to apply make-up. But with experience and time, morticians are practiced and they find their own technique. Who says make-up is only for the living?

The dead needs to be beautiful too.

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