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Lights, camera, rappel!

Rappelling is not just an extreme sport. For actors and actresses who focus on action films, rappelling is a skill they are required to improve.

If you are wondering why they need to learn rappelling, then you have to keep reading.

There are scenes in every action film that demands the actor to either fly, jump high or fall from a high point. There are doubles or stunt performers who do the actual action, but there are times when the actors need to do their own stunt.



To be able to do this, safety equipment and rappel devices are attached to the actor’s body. These rappel devices consist of harness, slings and many more.

After making sure that the harness is set perfectly, it is connected to rappelling ropes or rappelling cables.

The ropes are responsible for lifting the person wearing the harness. It may be adjusted depending on the height required for the action. Because of this technique, the stunt will be safely executed.

A good take makes a good movie. Learning how to move while you are hanging takes a lot of practice, so if you want to be a Hollywood star, you better put rappelling in your skill set.

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You think you know everything about Rigging? Think again.

Rigging is normally associated in ships, sailboats or water vessel. It is a nautical term that only a few understand.

But what we are not aware of is that rigging can be applicable to aircraft too.

For shipping vessels, rigging is the system of ropes, cables and chains. It supports the mast of the sailing vessel and adjusts the position of the sails and the spars which they are attached to.

For aircraft, rigging is associated to arrange, construct and adjust. As you assemble the plane, you are also rigging it at the same time.

Planes must be rigged properly to prevent accidents.

In most cases, they rig the flight’s control system which are attached to the major surfaces such as wings and vertical and horizontal stabilizers. By doing this, the rigged plane will be in its best configuration giving you the most efficient flight.

However, a slightly out-of-rig plane will still be able to fly hands off. The plane might drift slowly to one direction or the controls might be a bit stiff. These are a few indicators that the aircraft is not properly rigged.

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The One That Got Away!


I went on a speed dating event with a friend recently. I wasn’t looking for a relationship, I was just curious. I’ve never been to speed dates or blind dates before, so when my friend told me about it, I was excited.

The event was jammed. A lot of people attend, all dressed to impress.

When the speed date started, I was a bit nervous and I started panicking. The guys I was paired with was obviously nervous as well. We started talking about random things and got comfortable after a couple of question.

He was a rigger.

I’ve never heard of that profession before. It sparked my curiosity even more so I asked him to elaborate.

It turns out that a rigger is a person who specializes in the lifting and moving of heavy or large objects, often with the assistance of a crane or any lifting device. He told me that the term rigger was formed from the days of sailing.

Riggers were people who worked with riggings which are ropes for raising the sails. Sailors put their rope skills to work in hoisting and hauling.

In those days, mechanical ropes and pulleys were the only way to move extremely heavy objects. In the modern age, riggers attached huge objects to cranes using cables, chains or straps.

Calculations are necessary to make sure the objects will be moved safely. He said it takes a lot of thinking and suspension techniques to get the objects around obstacles on a construction area.

That’s when the bell rang. Times up.

We had to move to the next person. We bid goodbye and moved from table to table. Then I realized, I never got the chance to ask for his name! I’ll just call him, Mr. Rigger.

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