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Condolences and words of sympathy

How do I ever get over this? Will I be able to go on?

Those are the usual questions we hear from grieving families. As a friend or family, we have to prepare ourselves to answer these questions.

Besides offering our condolences and attending the service, we have to be considerate and make a gesture to let the family know that you care for them.

In this generation, people show sympathy through text, call and sometimes through social media. But sending a card, some flowers or visiting is still the best form of showing concern to the bereaved family. Being a good listener and letting them talk about their pain is also helpful in some way.

The grieving family expects to be asked a lot of questions about the death especially if it is unexpected.

But be mindful about the way you ask questions and do not pressure them to give you answers if they are not yet ready to share what happened. Always remember that they are already hurting, do not give them a hard time explaining it to you.

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My best friend and angel, Mandy

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I met Amanda when I was 4.

Mandy and I were playmates. Who’s Mandy? That’s the nickname I gave Amanda. She calls me Cassie, short for Cassidy.

She lives next door so we see each other every day. We went to the same prep school and no one could separate us. Our mothers went to the same university and they were close. Our families attended gatherings and events together.

We were inseparable.

Then college happened.

We went to the same university but we took different courses. We got busy and we started hanging out with other people. Even so, that did not ruin our friendship. She was there when I needed her and I did the same. She was the sister I never had.

She battled cancer at the age of 20. It was hard to see her suffering every day. She became depressed and she started drifting away from everybody. Until she realized that time was running out. She made every second count.

Her last days were her happiest. She learned that her life was long enough to experience all the great things in life. She was grateful.

I am thankful to God that He gave you as my best friend. I guess He needs you in heaven now Mandy. See you again someday.

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