You think you know everything about Rigging? Think again.

Rigging is normally associated in ships, sailboats or water vessel. It is a nautical term that only a few understand.

But what we are not aware of is that rigging can be applicable to aircraft too.

For shipping vessels, rigging is the system of ropes, cables and chains. It supports the mast of the sailing vessel and adjusts the position of the sails and the spars which they are attached to.

For aircraft, rigging is associated to arrange, construct and adjust. As you assemble the plane, you are also rigging it at the same time.

Planes must be rigged properly to prevent accidents.

In most cases, they rig the flight’s control system which are attached to the major surfaces such as wings and vertical and horizontal stabilizers. By doing this, the rigged plane will be in its best configuration giving you the most efficient flight.

However, a slightly out-of-rig plane will still be able to fly hands off. The plane might drift slowly to one direction or the controls might be a bit stiff. These are a few indicators that the aircraft is not properly rigged.

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