The things we say to a grieving person

We will all come to an end.

At least that’s what they say. People need time to grieve after the death of a family member.

In times like this, a lot of people say “I’m sorry for your loss.”, “My condolences.”, “Your family is in my prayers.” and many more. People try to say the right things to help the person who is grieving.

In return, the grievers will feel thankful for the care and concern.

It is indeed helpful to receive comfort in these hard times. But have you ever thought of a response to all of these words of sympathy? How do you respond to these phrases? Do you need to say “Thank you” or just smile and stay silent?

No one is expecting for you to say anything but as someone who received kind words from another person, we feel obliged to answer back. Saying “Thank you” is always appropriate. But if you feel like thank you is not enough, you can always be specific.

You can thank them for a lot of things. You can say thank you for their concern, for coming to the wake, for their kind words or for simply being there with you.

The most important thing in a time like this is not what they say or how you respond.

Showing that you appreciate their presence and time is enough for them. Any response you make will be acceptable.

These words of sympathy doesn’t necessarily mean “Let me help you move on.” or “Let me help you get over this moment.”. They are simply trying to tell you that you are not alone even if someone you love is no longer here.

These words of sympathy were created to show the grievers that one has left but a lot of good things remain.

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