Beauty and the Dead

Beauty is a major factor in our daily lives.

We use different products to keep our skin from aging too fast. We eat healthy foods to maintain a good physical body.

We use tons of make-up to enhance one’s beauty. If you think this only applies to the living, think twice. The same thing goes for the dead.


Before a funeral, a deceased body is embalmed and prepared to make the corpse look a little less lifeless.

The aim is to make the deceased look presentable for the viewing during an open-casket funeral.

Makeup is not really a part of the embalming process but funeral homes will offer the service to the families of the deceased.

Karen Stewart used to be a professional make-up artist before she became a mortuary makeup artist.

Her family owns a small funeral business and there was a time when their resident mortician wasn’t available.

She filled in for a couple of days and ended up taking an offer from her father to work full time.

Embalmers usually take care of preparing the bodies for the open-casket funeral. But there are some embalmers who doesn’t know a thing about make-up.

These are mostly men who have been in the industry for a long time. They hire a make-up artist to do this.

For Karen’s case, it wasn’t a big deal since her family owns the funeral homes. The remaining family usually provides a picture of the deceased when they were still alive.

The mortuary make-up artist then attempts to make the corpse look as alive as they were before.

But their goal is not to have those eyebrows on fleek or get that jaw line contoured, they aim to make the dead look presentable for the people in the viewing.

For some people, this is very important. Specially if they know that the deceased used to keep his/her public image spotless.

If you think it’s as easy as applying colored powder to someone alive and well, you are absolutely wrong.

The skin’s color and texture of a dead body changes after the embalming process.

This factor makes it hard for morticians to apply make-up. But with experience and time, morticians are practiced and they find their own technique. Who says make-up is only for the living?

The dead needs to be beautiful too.

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